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About Christiaan Bradley

Christiaan is an in demand Australian shaper, based in Europe. Christiaan first started getting his hands on the foam by fixing friends’ boards with Dad’s materials. His next step was sanding with Brothers Neilsen at Burleigh Heads, then in 2001, on a trip to Europe, he started shaping.

From then on, Christiaan began getting noticed by the best surfers in the world. Bradley had pro surfers like Jake Patterson and Danny Wills wanting high performance boards from him, and now the guys on tour today have seen Bradley’s boards in many of their heats. Jeremy Flores won the 2010 Pipemasters on Bradley’s CB1 model!

Warner Surfboards is the official Australasian manufacturer of Bradley Surfboards. If you're interested in ordering a custom Bradley surfboard, please contact us, or submit the enquiry form below.

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