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Davey Cathels 

Davey hails from North Narrabeen in Sydney, a beach known for producing past and future champions. Having grown up surfing with Damien Hardman and Nathan Hedge, it’s not surprising that he has tasted success in every major Australian event since he started competitive surfing at 12 years of age.

Davey has already travelled to many parts of the world and has surfed waves in Hawaii, Bali, Indonesia, New Zealand and Portugal.

Davey’s back hand attack is red hot and he surfs with speed, power and maturity beyond his years. He is a highly competitive and confident surfer who has his sights set on a big year in the WSL for 2016

Davey’s favourite waves include Keramas, Bali and Alley Rights, North Narrabeen.

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Koby Abberton 

"Brett Warner and the Warner family are and will always be part of the My Brothers Keeper Family.

Through Koby's legal trouble the Warners were the only sponsor to stick by Koby through thick and thin... no questions asked.

When other so called great loyal companies jumped ship on Koby the Warners stood solid. Their loyalty and friendship will never be forgotten.

Brett shapes the best surfboards and towboards Koby has ever ridden... and he has ridden alot.

Fuck yeah Warners, you are all legends!"
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Kai is the son of Brett the owner and shaper.Kai is the current Australian junior champion and is doing the australian junior series and a bunch of was events around the world.Member of the North Narrabeen winning national team in the board riders australia day battle. 

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